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85, Padmini complex, Adyar, Chennai
Nettyfish Solutions

Salon and Spa Billing and Appointment Software

Best Salon and SpaNettyfish Best Salon and Spa Management Software

Use our Nettyfish Best Salon and Spa Management Software to Attract new Customers and Maximize your Revenue

Hair, Beauty and Wellness

Don’t miss the #1 All in one Indian salon business management Software in India exclusively for hair, beauty and wellness industry.


SMS and Whatsapp Marketing

Nettyfish software delivers everything you need to optimize appointment scheduling, Online booking, Customer management, automate your marketing, billing and payments, custom reporting and analytics, SMS and whatsapp marketing and much more.

Single Solution

Nettyfish delivers beyond the basics to provide all you need to manage every aspects of your business in one single solution.

Services or Prices

The 6 out of 10 salons and spas shut down in less than a year of starting. Not because of their services or prices but because they fail to reach out to enough clients, retain them and cover their costs.

Shape or Size

Nettyfish is an All-in-One platform comprised of all the tools that you need, no matter your shape or size. Build a brand, manage operations, gain visibility and retain your clients.

SoftwaresNettyfish Software

Beauty Salon Software

Affordable and yet powerful salon software for independent and multi location business. Acquire new customers.

Hair Salon Software

Our CRM team will proactively engage with you to update on latest trends and strategy. Ensuring to use all features effectively.

Spa Software

Nettyfish software enables you to give your clients a worldclass experience and you can be accured that your clients will be coming back.

Health & Wellness Software

Everything from managing appointments and staff, & taking payments to growing your customer base & retaining those customers over time.

ownerFrom owner to owner & Features

There’s one mistake we beg you not to make

We’ve seen too many salons sell themselves short because they opt out of salon software features they might not need when they open but later, they’re wishing they had them. And by then, changing software is such a headache, they just stay stagnant.

You never know what your future will hold. Make sure when you’re ready to grow, nothing is holding you back.
(That’s why all the features you need are included, period.) Put your business right in front of customers with a booking wizard your front desk will love. Follow up on customer visits, record client history, and add photos and documents within few minutes.
Online booking
Membership Management
Loyalty Management
Feedback System
Repeat Clients
Business Intelligence
Order Control
Book Keeping
Send Email and SMS Notifications
Manage Locations
Stay in Touch