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AdvertisingNettyfish Display Ads Service

Our advertising services aim to capture the interest of your target audiences and potential customers. Our approach combines broad, initial audience reach with a focused strategy aimed at encouraging customer actions such as retargeting, contextual targeting, and site targeting.

Explanation About Display Advertising

Display advertising is a type of paid media that enables marketers to create ads for their brands, products, or services by using text, images, or videos. The ads are displayed to a targeted audience on relevant publisher websites or applications in various banner sizes. These ads can serve as reminders to potential customers about the brand or product, even after they have left the website. Display advertising can be a useful tool for keeping your brand, product, or service in the minds of prospective customers throughout the sales funnel.
There are various ways to target display ads which include the following:
  • Contextual: The types of content users consume.
  • Placement: The types of websites users browse.
  • Remarketing: Target users who have visited your website before to attract them back.
  • Interest: Target based on online behaviors and sites users browse.
  • Topic: Target based on the topic of websites for more relevancy.
  • Location/Language: Show ads based on where users are in the world and also what language they speak.
  • Demographic: Target users based on their age, gender, income, and more!
Nettyfish uses the above criteria to design ads with text, image, video, or audio, and target them to various audiences through different display platforms and channels. Nettyfish is composed of a team of skilled and certified professionals, including Google Analytics Certified experts, Moz Oracles, designers, and UX experts. They can help you attract, inform, and convert your prospects through targeted display ads and optimized landing pages. Nettyfish considers display ads as part of the overall digital journey and offers education and reporting on how it fits into the conversion funnel.

Google DisplayNettyfish Display Ads Services

At our company, we offer display advertising services that aim to promote your brand and products, increase website traffic, and improve conversion rates. Our team of experts uses various platforms to achieve these goals, including:

We manage your display campaigns, constantly monitoring, optimizing, and adjusting as new opportunities arise. Our display advertising process includes continuous maintenance and improvement to ensure the best results for your business.

Strategy and Goal Development
Media Planning and Buying
Campaign Setup and Optimizations
Ad Creation and Testing
Ongoing Measurement and Reporting
Google Display Network

This platform provides easy-to-manage display ads that can be integrated with search campaigns 

the Google Ads platform.

Google Display Remarketing

Our team also creates image or text ads that track and target users based on specific criteria. This service is also 

available through the Google Ads platform.

Programmatic Providers

We utilize programmatic ads, which are algorithmically served on websites using targeting and audience data. While some 

programmatic advertising can be done on  the Google Display Network, we often work with larger programmatic providers for more advanced targeting and placement options.

CreatingNettyfish Display Ads Process

At our company, we assist businesses of all sizes in creating and executing effective display advertising campaigns that align with their business objectives. Our optimization process has been refined through managing thousands of campaigns and is driven by our team’s expertise and technology. Our exclusive process includes the following:

Target Audience Research

Our display advertising professionals work closely with your team to learn about your customers and prospects,  allowing us to implement customized

 audience targeting that utilizes various technologies to ensure your ads are reaching qualified customers.

Holistic Strategy

We leverage data from various tools to ensure your budget is allocated efficiently, driving high-quality traffic and conversions to your website. Our team also collaborates with our

analytics, design, and UX experts to optimize the user’s journey from the ad to the landing page to conversion, improving engagement and success rates.

Ad Creative & Landing Page Development

We recognize the importance of creating compelling ads that capture your target audience’s attention and

effectively communicate your message. Our team collaborates with your marketing team to create and design ads that capture 

Monitoring and Optimizations

Our team of experts continually monitors your display advertising campaigns’ overall performance, analyzing data and optimizing your ads 

and content to meet your audiences’ needs and drive more clicks and conversions. We believe in ongoing optimization to ensure you get the best return on investment for your advertising budget.

Ongoing Reporting

We provide comprehensive, real-time reporting on your display advertising efforts, educating your team on how to think about reporting and how display advertising fits into

the larger user journey. Our reporting provides insights on how your display advertising is performing and recommendations on how to navigate roadblocks and opportunities.

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