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Most people love what comes first. Everyone searches for a proper and quick solution for their purposes in search engines. Most users will go for the first result or which result shows on the first page. Here is the reason why search engine optimization is needed for the website.

NettyfishWhy is SEO needed?

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SEO digital marketing is the best service and basics of digital platforms. Digital marketing without SEO is not possible.

The major service of Digital marketing is SEO. SEO helps to drive organic traffic and leads to your website without spending money on keywords. SEO experts will optimize your website and rank your website at top of the search engine. When your website is optimized with SEO service it will be shown in the top result of the search engine result page. The best place for the website in search engines is the top 5 results on the first page. So that’s why SEO is important.

best seo company india

Lead GenerationOrganic lead generation via SEO marketing

Most businesses will lose because of a lack of leads. SEO marketing will boost business leads in many ways. But SEO marketing is an organic lead generation solution and traffic booster for the website. We don’t need to pay money for search engine ads to get a lead.

SEO marketing is an essential part of the website and digital marketing. Most business-to-business and business-to-customer oriented companies said that most of the leads will get from SEO marketing. A fully optimized SEO website produces more than 10% to 30% of website traffic converted into leads.

ServicesNettyfish SEO Services

Nettyfish has providing the best SEO services company in India. We provide a better result for your website with better client engagement. We are also providing content marketing for SEO services for your website. Our SEO services are on page SEO, off page SEO, and technical SEO audit.


Technical SEO audit

Technical SEO audit is the process of checking the website before and after the SEO optimization. It’s all about the website’s health, content quality, keyword quality, UI experience, image size audit, etc. SEO audit helps to find out the low-quality content or keyword, and malware function of the website.

Website Health Check

A website health check is about checking the website speed, malware activities, unwanted backlinking’s, site map optimization, page redirection, etc.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is a process of comparing and researching the business or product competitor. We research the content keyword, search engine position, and website health to make your website better than others.

Content quality audit

A content quality audit is about checking the content quality of the website by checking plagiarism, the quality of keywords, heading tags, and the number of words.

Mobile UI experience

Mobile website UI experience and Mobile UI optimization are important, most people use mobile phones for browsing. So, we also do check the mobile UI experience audit.

Image audit

Image audit is an important one. When planning for SEO website speed and reload speed is more important.

ServicesNettyfish SEO Services

On-page, SEO is the most important one in SEO. On page, SEO includes keywords, content, website image, and speed optimization. Mostly 60-70 % of the SEO process is On page only. You can also show results through On page SEO if it is fully optimized. On-page is directly handled by the website keyword, content, keyword ranking, etc.


Off page, SEO is fully what we work in outside of the website. You can’t get more traffic or organic leads just by on page SEO. Off-page helps to fully optimize the website in SEO. In Off page SEO other people and other websites help you improve the website’s traffic by backlinking.


Backlinking is linking our website link to other websites like competitor websites, our website-related blog topics, and some other well-traffic websites.

Blog Marketing

Blog marketing is the best method for getting more traffic to websites. Blog marketing is writing a blog related to your service. posting blogs and promoting blogs increase your website visitors in the best way.

Article submission

Article submission is research and writing an article related to our service topics. Post it on your website, other websites, and question and answer websites. It helps to increase visitors and traffic to the website.

Photo and Presentation Sharing

Photo sharing in the image submission websites to make a better visit to the website. The image is like our service-related posters. Also, we post and share presentations on other sites.

Search Engine Submission

Optimizing your website in search engines is a process of search engine submission. We optimize and submit the website with all search engine crawlers and backlinking is a search engine submission.

ServicesHow Nettyfish works in SEO service

Nettyfish is the best SEO service provider in India and especially in Chennai. When you reach Nettyfish digital marketing, our digital marketing experts will explain to you properly and briefly about the SEO service, we analyze your business, competitor, website, etc. after that we work on the On page and Off page SEO. Reach Nettyfish without hesitation, we are here for your business upgrade and organic leads.


Ans: There is no way without SEO service. You can get more website traffic and page visitors organically.

SEO is an important one in the website. If you are having a small company SEO will get you more leads in an organic way. It will help to increase your branding and business.
Yes. It’s needed. Both are different processes that will get you more traffic.
Yes. We have dedicated and experienced SEO specialists on our team. And also, we have an SEO content writer on our digital marketing team.
Yes. Definitely why not? We offer you all types of SEO services for our clients.

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