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85, Padmini complex, Adyar, Chennai
Nettyfish Solutions

Best Android App Development Company in India

Android AppsWe create Android Apps That Serve Your Business Purpose

Our mobile app development services are tailored to meet your business and customers’ needs, whether you require a native or multi-platform app. Our goal is to simplify and enhance people’s lives through mobile technology. That’s why our team focuses on designing apps that engage and add value to your customers’ lives.

Our skilled professionals create apps that foster customer loyalty, track consumer behavior, personalize experiences, and strengthen connections. Our services are diverse, and we help businesses build brand and customer loyalty through our comprehensive offerings.

Development ProcessOur App Development Process

Discovery and Ideation

At Nettyfish, we believe in collaborating with our clients to ensure that their app projects are cohesive from start to

finish. Our discovery and ideation process involves thoroughly documenting the requirements, functionality,  and workflow of the application. This collaborative effort often reveals any gaps or shortcomings, which our team can address and improve upon during the creative process.


Nettyfish’s exceptional visual designers transform requirements into visual representations using wireframing tools. These initial sketches assist clients in visualizing the flow and

overall user experience of the application. Any changes that emerge during this collaborative process can be easily and affordably implemented at this stage. Ultimately, our designers create polished UI/UX designs using software such as Invision or Figma.


Nettyfish’s app developers use Agile sprints to develop the app’s milestone functionality, based on the requirements document and design. After each development iteration, there is a brief

pause to evaluate the delivered functionality and make necessary adjustments before starting the next sprint.

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Test and Launch

Nettyfish provides clients with a test version of the app at the completion of each sprint. While Nettyfish carries out unit tests to ensure the reliability of its software, these test builds allow clients to experience the application

from start to finish. Once the client approves the final sprint, Nettyfish takes care of the publishing process to make the finished apps available on the Android App Store.

Support and Enhancement

After the launch of your application, you have the option to manage and improve it on your own. However, many of our clients choose to take advantage of Nettyfish’s affordable support and maintenance services. 

As a prominent Android app development company in India, we are committed to being your reliable partner throughout the entire development process.

AndroidOur Tech For Android App Development

React Native

Nettyfish’s core expertise lies in digital product development. Hence, whether you’re launching your debut mobile application or creating an immersive digital experience, we have the capabilities to guide you through the process.

  • Comprehensive mobile application development services, from design and coding to testing, deployment, and support
  • Highly-skilled and experienced Android app developers
  • Robust and tested design and development process
  • Tailored, reliable, scalable, and high-quality apps development
  • Competitive and affordable pricing
  • Productive whiteboard sessions that result in solid requirements and designs
  • Proficient designers who create the full UI/UX, starting with wireframes and culminating in polished designs
  • Trustworthy intellectual property security
  • Secure development environment with state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Client-centric approach and support
  • Capability to build App Backends in cloud environments like AWS and Azure
  • Offers Android Training and Placement support to aspiring candidates

Nettyfish VIP Partners Trusted By

Nettyfish VIP Partners Trusted By

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