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85, Padmini complex, Adyar, Chennai
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Nettyfish Pharmacy Billing Software For Pharma World

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Transform your business with Nettyfish pharmacy and healthcare POS completely with a comprehensive inventory, purchase, CRM and loyalty, mobile apps to automate store operations. We Nettyfish are the market leader in a provision of quality to the needs of the Pharmacy business. Nettyfish software manages all your business processes with ease on Stock/Inventory management and minimizes losses due to expiry and dump stocks.

Nettyfish software is suitable for all types of Pharmacy business – small, medium, large & store chains.


Reach out to more customers by maintaining records of patients health by accepting hardcopy and e- prescriptions.
Stock Management
Track your stock, make inventory up to date.
Expiry Management / Drug Destroy
Keep a track of all the expiry products at finger tips through our software. Return the products to the supplier before the expiry date and reduce losses.
Purchase & Sales
Import bills from any file format to save time.
Alert Management
Based on customer’s history, get on time notifications. Send reminders to the customers for appointment and medicine follow ups.
Accounts Management
Manage customers’ accounts with Nettyfish software and maintain the revenue levels.
Generate doctor’s commissions and reports to know the profit margins and increase sales.
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