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85, Padmini complex, Adyar, Chennai
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Best Local Search SEO Services in India

Search SEOIs Local SEO Necessary for your Business? 

Yes! But wondering why!

When it comes to search engine most people tend to search for local business as it makes it very convenient for them enquire and gain trust. So, this is where local search engine optimization comes to play, as local business attract local customers organically. This is due to the fact is that local business websites get more than half the traffic from organic online local searches.

Now you might wondering what Nettyfish is going to do? We use various analytics and strategy in bringing your local business at the top of the search making you stay ahead of your competition.

Did you know?

46% of all searches on Google are for information about local businesses/services
75% of users never go past the first page of search results

BrandOur Local SEO Strategy

Our key focus is to drive brand visibility and deliver results by getting potential customers to your brand’s website organically.
We add authority to your site by adding inbound links which ensure that search engines recognise your business as genuine and add value to it.
Making your website crystal clear on what services and products you’re offering and optimizing its relevancy to make search engines understand your business.
Local Search Engine Optimization is not all about keywords, It is also about create a firm foundation of your website and making it free from non-responsiveness, broken links, longer load time and much more.

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SEO ServiceServices We Offer

Comprehensive Technical Site Optimization

Google My Business Listing Optimization

Local Business Citations

local seo services india

On-Page Relevancy Optimization

Increasing Off-Page Authority

Local SEOIt’s time to improve and optimise your local SEO strategy

Nettyfish aids to increase your site’s authority, improve page relevancy and also optimize your technology stack to help you reach your goals.

Keep your business up and running

A proactive approach to your business’ online presence
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